What are these?

This is a collection of retro gaming scripts for programs like HyperSpin, RocketLauncher, Mame, and other gaming programs & front ends.  They are designed to enhance the game experience, or make changes easier for users.

What can I do with these?

The game enhancement scripts are for everyone and are self-explanatory.

With preformatted drives and downloads for systems (like RetroPi) becoming popular; less users know the inside-out of the systems as before.  Also, over time, you may forget some of the functions, files to edit, etc.

And, while many users are advanced enough having set up their emulators and front end to make changes; even they can make use of these scripts... they work great to prevent guests, children, or nincompoops from fumbling around your system by using guided access scripts provided here.

How do I use these scripts?

These scripts are provided in AHK format because it 1) keeps the size small, 2) keeps it a text file, and 3) for transparency-- I want the user to see everything the script does so that there's no question of worms/trojans/virus/shenanigans.  Once you install AutoHotKey, you can run AHK as an exe file; or, just right click and choose "compile"

Jimmer's Retro Gaming Scripts

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